Grief Group

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a fee to participate in the group?
No. There is no charge for participating in the group. However, there are some overhead costs so donations are welcome.

Is this a therapy group?
No. This is a structured peer facilitated process with weekly assignments designed to guide and support you through the grieving process and beyond loss.

Does my loss have to be recent?
No. Both recent or past, unresolved grief can last a life time.

Can I work on more than one loss at a time?
No. We recommend focusing on one loss during this 14-week process. However, you may always return to repeat the 14-week process for another loss. Working on only one loss can help to heal other losses simultaneously.

Is this like the Alcoholic Anonymous 12-step program?
This is not a 12-step program because grief is not an addiction.

How long has Healing through Loss and Grief group been in existence?
It was founded by Marilyn Beckwith in 1990 and been continuously running since.

Can I join the group in progress?
Not after the second meeting. Please consult our Calendar page for the next series of meetings.

Are the Facilitators credentialed?
No. However, all the facilitators have gone through the Healing Through Loss and Grief group process and have studied special manuals created by the group's founder Marilyn Beckwith. All the facilitators have extensive experience running the groups.

Are the Facilitators paid?
No. This is a service freely given by trained volunteers in the community.

Is this group associated with the Grief Recovery Institute?
No. Although we use the Grief Recovery Handbook as part of our process, we are not affliated with the organization in any other way.

Can I attend a Healing through Loss and Grief group in communities outside the Nevada City/Grass Valley and Roseville, California areas?
Not at this time. In the future we may train facilitators to run groups in other areas.